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Educational Services
WRST operates various branches all over the Indian subcontinent and is actively engaged in the teaching of ethics and moral values.
For this purpose WRST has teamed up with the Brahma Kumaris organization and runs regular seminars & programs. In addition, the Trust conducts conferences etc. all over the Indian subcontinent. For further information kindly see

Renewable Energies
In the quest for meeting the ever increasing demand for electricity and the challenge faced due to climate change, it becomes clear that solar energy will play a major role in coming years. However, solar thermal power is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to generate renewable energy; using solar power. A surprising fact about solar thermal systems is that the amount of land they require to produce meaningful amounts of electricity is not that great. Calculations indicate they can produce over 64 megawatt-years of electricity per square mile per year.
Solar thermal power has more potential to replace conventional sources of energy than any other clean renewable sources known.  Unlike hydro-electric, wind power, or nuclear, there is nothing problematic about their operations and impact.  Unlike bio fuels, they will not compete for land with agriculture.
WRST has almost 20 years experience in solar concentrating systems and here especially in the introduction and design of Scheffler parabolic dishes.
In this connection WRST has carried out various R & D projects with the India,   German and Australian Government.
Recently WRST has initiated the design installation and testing of India One, 1 Mw solar thermal power station near to its Shantivan Campus in Abu Road Rajasthan.
For details of these activities kindly see and download our brochure on renewable energies.


brochure solar energy.